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Our Story

We are proud to be one of the first companies to introduce genuine, high-quality Georgian cheese made with traditional recipes on American soil.

Our mission is simple: we want everyone to experience the unique flavor, texture, and aroma of Georgian cheese that has never been available in the country until now. Coming from local Georgian farms, it is free from artificial preservatives or additives. Plus, these cheeses will leave you craving more! Think about the delicate mixtures and tastes of milky, salty, smoky and creamy flavors combined together into a unique cheese experience.

We understand how important it is for fans of Georgian cuisine to get their hands on authentic cheese. That's why we work daily to offer you the highest quality Georgia-made products at an affordable price so that everyone can enjoy them anytime, anywhere.


So whether you’re looking for an interesting appetizer for your next dinner party, planning a special picnic treat or simply want something delicious and new to put on your table - Georgian Cheese has got you covered! Our tantalizing selection is sure to make even the pickiest gourmands happy. Try it out today and keep coming back for more!

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